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Brief Answers to The Big Questions by Stephen Hawking

The book starts with a brief description of the life of Stephen Hawking.  His initial years in the Universities and his interests in various scientific occurrences have been described in his own words.

One uniqueness of this book is that Mr. Hawking has described his academic advances in very few pages. He has also mentioned that his words give more importance to science rather than emotions. The reader never feels emotional while he describes the advancement of his illness but gets drawn deeply to his scientific even while he takes us through the tough times of his life. He has described the incidents that led to the discovery of “Hawking Radiation” in simple language that anyone with basic knowledge of physics can assimilate. The same simple description has been used to describe the various scientific phenomena and answer the “Big” questions. The ten “Big Questions” that Stephen Hawking clarified and answered in the book are mentioned below.

  • Is there God?
    • Did God create the Universe?
    • What are the ingredients of the Universe?
    • What does Einstein’s Relativity Theory imply?
    • What is the law of nature, and how is it different from other laws?
  • How did it all Begin?
    • Did the Universe have a beginning?
    • Is the Universe expanding?
    • Why is the sky dark at night?
    • Will there be an end to the Universe?
  • Is there another Intelligent Life in the Universe?
    • How may life develop in the future?
    • What are the advantages of DNA mapping?
    • Why haven’t beings from outer space visited us?
    • What is the role of Intelligent life, and does it have any long-term survival value?
  • Can we predict the future?
    • What is the role of the Chaos factor in predicting the future?
    • What is Quantum Theory in simple language?
    • Is it possible to measure the speed and position of a particle accurately?
    • What is the Uncertainty Principle?
  • What is inside a Blackhole?
    • What are the crucial advantages of Gravity?
    • What is “singularity,” and what is its significance in the formation of Blackhole?
    • Is there any relation between the amount of information in a black hole and its size?
    • Is it possible to recover information lost on a black hole?
  • Is Time-travel possible?
    • Why are we not able to travel faster than light?
    • Are time and space warped?
  • Will we survive on Earth?
    • Is the Earth under threat?
    • IS Global warming becoming self-sustained?
    • What are the consequences if the current rate of exponential growth continues?
  • Should we colonize space?
    • Why should we explore space?
    • What are the possible sites of a human colony in the solar system?
    • Is there a planet similar to Earth in our solar system or other solar system?
  • Will artificial intelligence outsmart us?
    • Will AI develop a will of its own in future that conflicts with that of humans?
    • Is the arms race desirable for humans?
    • Should we hand over our defense to AI?
  • How do we shape the future?
    • What are we to do to secure the future of science and technology education?
    • What are the two major options for the future of humanity?

This final book from the great person, Mr. Stephen Hawking, opens our minds to the possibilities, the unknown and the anticipated future. It is a great work from one of the greatest minds of this age and I strongly recommend everyone have a copy of this book and read it.

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